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Tenfold delivers well-considered, community-oriented projects in superb locations with progressive design and construction for maximum return to all stakeholders.



The founders of Tenfold have 70 years of well-rounded experience built on more than 150 diverse projects.


M. W. (Max) Tomaszewski
B.Sc., M.Sc.(IA) 


Founder of real estate development and investment company Amadon Group, Max has developed no less than 40 projects in the industrial, commercial, residential, and mixed-use categories in Western Canada. Since 1983, the Amadon Group has garnered award-winning renown for its work in the restoration and rehabilitation of heritage buildings, achieving heritage status for more buildings than any other private entity in British Columbia to date.

His forward thinking company has also authored a ‘Holistic Development Manifesto’ which guides its development practice with  principles designed to ensure all Amadon Group  projects are environmentally sustainable, promote wellness and deliver economic value for all concerned.

Max has long-held interests in health and wellness, meditation, poetry, fine art, nature, and travel and acts as an advisor to Holistic Brands Corporation.

David Price


David Price hails from Alberta where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary and was accredited with the Chartered Accountants designation.

For the past 25 years, David has been actively involved in real estate development, construction and management of commercial, residential and industrial properties. He has developed a number of properties including the award winning waterfront property, Swallows Landing, 100,000 square feet of Class A offices at Upper Harbour Business Centre and the 160 acre Place Chaleureuse subdivision in Beaumont Alberta.

In conjunction with his son Sean, David provides construction management for the majority of his own developments. In addition to The Wade, David is currently engaged in the construction of unique residential waterfront properties in the greater Victoria area.



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Architects and urban designers have long claimed the power to influence human well-being through form and aesthetics.




Every Tenfold project is driven by the governing principles of the Forward Living manifesto: sustainability, holistic wellness, and cutting edge technology.




Tenfold projects support human wellness and a healthy lifestyle that nurtures body, mind and soul. All projects aim to enhance the six elements: mind, air, water, fitness, light and comfort.


Tenfold develops homes at the leading edge of sustainability and best practices including the use of sustainable and safe materials as well as energy-saving equipment and features that exceed environmental building standards.



Tenfold believes every home must deliver the latest, proven technologies that enhance connectivity, efficiency, security and convenience. Product features that enable smart homes will be of primary consideration.

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Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.